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1. Parental Scoping Exercise - completed 

Guided project need and direction, explored parental experiences 

Feedback from parents with an experience of neonatal resuscitation was captured anonymously via SurveyMonkey using a social media platform. The survey used open and closed questions to capture the parents’ accounts of their experiences. It focused on the communication that they experienced from their healthcare team  and how they would want to be communicated with.

The parental scoping exercise, shared via social media, gained significant traction and comments received within the original post, from both affected family members and NHS workers, demonstrated that there would be substantial impact on both parents and staff from improving communication practices. 

This feedback will be used alongside the anaesthetic staff questionnaire, to formulate what is best practice and ensure that 'Principles of Care' have taken into account both parental and anaesthetic staff experiences. 

Parental scoping exercise: Projects
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